Practices help the Enterprise

Why does it matter

Practices provide the Foundation and Structure  upon which an Enterprise operates. They play a crucial role in shaping the way a business achieves its business outcomes and maintains its competitive edge.

Practices ensure Consistency, Quality, and Efficiency, while also allowing for Adaptability and Innovation. Intellibus Practices enable Enterprises to Navigate Challenges, Seize Opportunities, and achieve Sustained Success in a Competitive Business Landscape.

The Multiplicity Problem

How can I get started

What are the benefits that these practices can provide

Our Typical Engagement model starts with a Master Service Agreement and two year commitment towards a meaningful relationship where we partner with our Clients to deliver on their Business Outcomes and bring our expertise in Business Strategy, Artificial Intelligence, User Experience Design, Data and Cloud to develop great Experiences and Roll out Quality products.

Looking to explore further the opportunity to meet with one of the Founders on the Intellibus team and engage with their Passion for Engineering ?

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Large Financial Institutions
Fintech Firms
Mortgage Insurers

How we solve client's problems

Mature Practices

While we have expertise in various areas, the following area are where we have matured our Practices to provide them as an Offering that you can use for your Enterprise.

Practices is how we mature our expertise and bring them to our clients and partners as a set of Core Capabilities, Methodologies, Accelerators and Products that enable their AI and Business Strategy.

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AI & Business Strategy

A set of frameworks (Current State Assessment, Maturity Model, Business Outcomes) that helps you Define and Align your AI Strategy to your Business Strategy.
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Technology & Solution Roadmaps for your AI Platform, Data Platform and Cloud.
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Stability & NFRs

Robust Framework for Assessing your Platform Current State across all Non-Functional areas including Controls, Architecture, Performance, Deployments, Testing, Data Layer, Monitoring, Security and Network.
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Data & Observability

A set of Accelerators and Solutions that help you setup your Data Platform (Real Time Streaming and Batch) and Frameworks for Logging, Monitoring and Distributed Tracing.
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Platform Engineering & Cloud

A set of Accelerators to build your Gen AI Platform, ML Ops Platform and the Data Platform.
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AWS Maturity Cycle

Stability Methodology

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